Dinner catering ideas

Published on May 17 2018

Italian Food in Austin

To feed a bunch quickly, catering company 86 This has a line of bulk family-style meals, which include dishes such as "cluttered Sicilian lasagna" delivered independently and serve. The business also serves meals, trays, and box lunches.

Sandwiches in Chicago

A food truck specializing in m? Sandwiches, Duck n' Roll could deliver food to offices and events. The menu of chef Amy Le draws on her own family recipes also contains baguettes filled with fresh herbs, vegetables, and meats such as duckshort ribs, and Thai chicken curry. The channel may also offer truffles.

Cupcakes in Boston

Popular Washington, D.C.,-based bakery Georgetown Cupcake has started its first Boston outpost in Back Bay. The store offers catering for meetings and events, in addition to gift boxes of assortments.

Catering in Washington

Kale is getting a second--the leafy tea catering menus and is currently currently making its way onto many restaurant. For health-conscious customers, Design Cuisine has crafted a brand new "super foods" catering menu which has roasted kale chips, caramelized cauliflower, and bison meat.

Written by Abner Miles

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