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Published on May 17 2018

Bo Ssam (Asian Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder)

Instead of turning on your oven, cook your bo ssam in a 300°F grill. Serve with: Aside from the obligatory lettuce cups, rice and ssam sauce (recipe here, serve your bo ssam with some pickled red onions and ginger-miso grilled eggplant. To drink, spicy gin and tonics bring just enough heat.


Serve with: Set the Spanish theme and start with jam?n-wrapped melon. Classic red sangria is a must, and grilled peaches with streusel are a perfect finish.

Steamed Mussels

Steam your mussels in a couple of batches (they only take a few minutes), and keep in mind that you'll need about a pound per person. Serve with: The best part of eating mussels is sopping up the juice, so grilled bread is a must, and a huge pile of grilled veggies will make everybody feel virtuous. White wine spritzers pair well with shellfish, and their lower alcohol content means you can drink all night.

New England Clam Chowder

Even people who "don't like shellfish" will love clam chowder. Serve with: If you're feeling ambitious, you can make your own oyster crackers. Balance the heavy chowder with grilled asparagus, and end on a super sweet note with a gorgeous peach pie.

Written by Abner Miles

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