Unique catering ideas for wedding

Published on May 17 2018

Fill your celebration with bites that are amazing that everybody will adore. There's so much more to wedding meals compared to a main course. Use your hour as an opportunity to delight your guests with some surprising beers or food pairings, supplement your own cocktails and follow dinner up .  

French Fries With a Negative Ketchup

How pretty are those cocktail glasses filled with ketchup and french fries? The sauce is right at the bottom and the glass makes it easy to carry around so your guests won't get fry oil all.

Doughnut Bars

Perhaps not the greatest fan of wedding cakes?   You may have an range of desserts. From toppings to flavors, colours and sizes, doughnuts are a perfect alternative to an elaborate cake cutting edge. Serve them up and add toppings for your guests.

DIY Dessert Stations

The outdoors and s'mores go together.   Set up near an outdoor fire pit, or, for a more formal wedding, possess a waiter serve ice cream and offer an assortment of toppings for guests to pick from.

Tiny Cheeseburgers

Should you serve gratifying cheeseburgers (or even black or veggie bean burgers), we ensure that your friends and family will never stop talking about how beautiful your wedding food was--particularly in case you add a custom made sauce and condiments channel to the mix.

Written by Abner Miles

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